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MYCL will pass ZERO cost to our Volunteer Coaches!!

Cycling is expensive enough, you shouldn't have to pay to teach the next generation! We will however, gladly accept any donations or sponsorship towards our coaching program.

Thank you for your interest in Coaching with MYCL. To gain access to all the coaching requirements please complete the form below. After completing the form you will be given a password to access the coaching page. From there you will be able to start the process. Thank you for your willingness to help lead the next generation of cyclist.

2024 Coaching Requirements:

- Background Check

- SafeSport Training

- CDC Concussion Training

- MYCL practice management

- MYCL practice protocol 

- Introductory Skills

- Approved 1st Aid Training (for new teams)


**If you have a coaching license with a different organization we may accept some of those credentials. Please inquire for more information!

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