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These are open events. The format is cross country mountain biking. For the 2024 season there is no league association required. Any athlete that meets the grade requirements for a given event is welcome to register for that race and participate.

Race Schedule:

K-5 only

September 16th (results)

September 30th (results)      October 28th (results)


K-12 October 29th (results)

Visit the Midwest Region Invitational page, all details are out!

Race Day Schedule

745am-845am     Pre-ride

900am......    K-2nd grade (boys and girls)

940am......    3rd-5th grade boys

1020am....    3rd-5th grade girls

1055am....    FREE Strider ride &

                            Try-the-trail newbie ride

1120am.....    Elementary girls advanced

1200pm....    Elementary boys advanced

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