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September 22nd 2024 Nordic Mountain


2024 Badger State USA Cycling Junior MTB Championship Race

Rules and Eligibility

Course Information


  • The championship course will have steep, switch back climbs and numerous challenging rock gardens. Riders that fall too far behind will be subject to the 80% rule and may be pulled. There will be some A and B lines but not all challenging obstacles will have them.

  • For the Challenge races we will do everything possible to not cut anyone's race short. If you have limited technical ability and are more of recreational rider you will still find the Challenge course...well.....challenging! 

  • The championship course will be very similar to the course used in past PRO XCT races. This will be one of the hardest courses you have raced on. It will include parts of the trails at Nordic that haven’t been part of a race course in almost 10 years...and maybe never before!

  • In an effort to keep lap counts higher and more opportunities to cheer on the athletes, the championship lap for the 6-12 year old groups will be different from the Championship blue course.

  • The championship girl course will include an additional prologue lap to help equal race time between the boys and girls.

  • The course for the Challenge races will include a lot of the fun technical sessions of Nordic that racers have come to love but will leave out some of the more difficult climbs and advanced technical sections.

  • The beginner course will be an easier lap around the base of the hill with minimal climbing.

  • The “pines” section will not be used on any race course.


More detailed course maps will be coming out soon. In the mean time, if you ride at Nordic and ride the areas circled in red on this map, you will hit most of the parts of the course on the championship lap. We will have GPX files for you to download as well as GoPro video of the lap.


More details to keep rolling out soon!

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