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2023 Midwest Region K-12 Invitational October 29th

2023 Category options
Boys Open High School
Boys Open Middle School (6th-8th)
Boys Open Elementary (K-5th)
Boys Junior/Senior Novice
Boys Freshman/Sophomore Novice
Boys Middle School Novice (6th-8th)

Boys Elementary Novice (K-5th)

Girls Open High School

Girls Open Middle School (6th-8th)

Girls Open Elementary (K-5th)

Girls Junior/Senior Novice

Girls Freshman/Sophomore Novice

Girls Middle School Novice (6th-8th)

Girls Elementary Novice (K-5th)

The novice categories are for new to average athletes. You may have seen the podium a time or two but not on a regular basis. These categories will be fun but still competitive.

The open categories are for those athletes looking for top level competition from their scholastic age groups. Expect scholastic state champions, USA Cycling category and division winners and those looking for the chance to prove themselves.

Staging is still being finalized, to be determined by final registration. Overall staging will be random with the exception to the High School Open category. The front positions will be reserved for: Scholastic State Champions for IA, IL, IN, MI, MN, MO and WI. These will be followed by the two highest ranking Cat 1 or Cat 1 junior from the 14-18 range age group with USA Cycling from each of the previous mentioned states. In the event an athlete is the leader in both, they will get the higher of the two ranking positions. If you qualify for priority staging position as a divisional state champion then please email the standings as soon as it is final to secure your spot. 

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