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Race day schedule
The race day schedule is tentative for the time being. It will become more finalized
in early October as the course comes together more and there are accurate lap times
to ensure fair competition and athlete safety.
 Lap counts are tentative for now as well
and subject to change. 

Final Schedule (arrive to starting line 10 minutes before your scheduled race)
Boys Junior/Senior Novice          900am   3 laps

Boys Freshman/Sop Novice        903am     3 laps

Boys Middle Novice                          905am     2 laps

Girls Junior/Senior Novice           1000am   3 laps

Girls Freshman/Sop Novice         1002am    3 laps

Girls Middle Novice                          1004am    2 laps

Strider Race                                        1100am

Boys K-5 Novice                                1110am     1 lap


Girls K-5 Novice                                1125am     1 lap


Novice Awards                                  1215pm

Boys Open High School                 1230pm     6 laps

Boys Open Middle School             1232pm     4 laps

Boys Open Elementary                  1233pm     2 laps

Girls Open High School                  150pm       5 laps

Girls Open Middle School              152pm       3 laps

Girls Open Elementary                   153pm       2 laps

Open Awards                                       330pm

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