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Midwest youth cycling league mountain bike scholastic elementary middle high school

     Welcome to Midwest Youth Cycling League! We are a youth cycling race league in the Midwest, starting out in Southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois. For now we will be focusing on mountain bike racing. We want to build new opportunities for youth development through cycling in the Midwest! Join us as we venture into our second season! We will expand our race series to include ages K-8! Finalization of our venues is in progress and will be posted soon. There will also be some great out reach programs this year. We will be introducing our programming to a couple select communities. MYCL strives to keep youth cycling affordable and easy to access. Keeping events local will help ensure that happens! 
Registration opens soon!
Tentative RACE dates

Race #1 Saturday September 7th K-8
Race #2 Sunday September 22nd K-12 Nordic Mountain
Race #3 Saturday September 28th K-8
Race #4 Saturday October 5th K-8 Franklin, WI
Race #5 Saturday October 12th K-8


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