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The 2023 course...

     Let's just set the expectations where they need to be right away. The actual course for 2023 will not be anything out of this world. There are no super cool and modern machine built sections (not yet anyway). There isn't any long and flowy sections. What is really unique is that you will be racing on Westosha Central High School property. This is one of the only trail systems in the Midwest that is on school property! There has been untamed double track throughout the rolling landscape for years. Over the past nine months, with a bunch of hard work, there is now a little under two miles of new single track. A good chunk of this early single track is tight and twisty. This is intentional to give the new and young athletes who live in the area plenty of opportunity to learn to use all the functions of their bikes.
     Overall you can plan on a 3 to 3.2 mile course that will have many different surfaces. Expect; open grass sections, wooded double track, paved bike path, twisty single track, road section and a few high speed single track sections. If time and weather allow, there might just be a few added features for race day. Check back soon for a full length video of the course.

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